28 March 1980


"You please me when you are silent because it is as if you are absent
And you hear me from afar, and my voice does not touch you."
- Pablo Neruda


Jason Todd lives.

Colorbar of Ronon Dex by lovetruthbella






For the layout, all the credit goes to the lovely and *amazingly* talented Jo Chen, who drew the boys.(and *how* much do we love her for it? yes really)

My Ronon Dex MoodTheme was made by the wondrous lovetruthbella

This is a NC-17 site. If you are underage, DO NOT come here.
Further warning: I play hardcore kids, Harlequins and vanilla lovers will likely not be amused by me.

This is a predominantly slash journal.
If you do not like slash, do not come here.

I am a DC shipper.
I mostly slash the Batfamily, with a few Birds, Speedsters, Supers and Arrows thrown in for flavor.

Tim Drake owns my soul.
Jason Todd owns my body.

oh yeah, and I make icons.

ETA: I seem to have been converted to the SGA and NCIS fandoms recently. I have no idea how this happened. I just know that I have to suppress - the very real - urge to growl whenever I see Ronon, and the urge to whimper when I see DaddyGibbs. I really feel no need to question it further than that. *shrugs*

ETA2: uh... and i apparently want Zevran as my pet.

Icon Taking Rules:

I post a lot of icons, which everyone can take.
However, PLEASE, if i state in my icons, DO NOT TAKE, please then, DO NOT TAKE THEM.
Please do not take my default icon.
Please do not take the icons other's made for me.
Please do not claim my icons as yours.
Please do not hotlink.
Please credit me when you take my icons (this includes times when you choose to alter them)
Comments are also lovely and make my day.
I do occasionally accept requests.
Thank you fandom!

Icon credits:

Icon Tutorials and generally the place/people I learned from:
papyds, crashingg_down, lelymarques, vogueville, sightsee, shangri_la_cat, tsuyogari, toekneetoe, shizukuchan, presents, silverxdragon, hoosabrat, ohhepburns, pensnest, americangrl69, g_a_fanatik, nykema, awmpdotnet, grrliz,millergurl,

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icon_tutorial, paristrends, petitemerci, pointless_blank, _kentsuburi, refuted, dork_icons, graphic_icons, , , ,, , ,

Icon Art, Drawings and Photos I used:
Yukipon's site - Blood+Sugar+Sex+Magik, DC Comics

Patters, Bases, Textures and Brushes:
Echoica Brushes, Yumei-K, 3to1, Headlock, art.com, Hybrid-genesis, squidfingers, swallowingshadows, icon_textures, blimey-icons, jenlynn820,
grrliz_icons and resources, Strangeangels, Colorfilter,Latexandleather, papersweets, david-lucena,withaghost, xonlyashesx, spiritcoda, ,

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